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Heritage Consultant | Ontario, Canada | Life-Cycle Projects

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Life-Cycle Projects

Everything on the planet (including Earth) has a life-cycle. Simply, what are the relatively predictable phases through which a building will pass from its initial commissioning through to its ultimate failure? Like a building the component systems (structural, envelope, mechanical, interior) also have individual life-cycles as does every material and assembly in the building.

Life-cycle projects are those that evolve from the failure (or anticipated failure) of one of the systems. Replacing the shingles on the roof of a house is a life-cycle project as is re-painting. Bigger more complex buildings take much more thought and planning because almost no system acts independently within architectural artefacts. In the same way that the shin bone is connected to the knee bone, the terra cotta façade is connected to the secondary (and rusting) steel frame. Life-Cycle projects address these issues, at their best, in the context of the site and building as a set of related systems.

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