What I Do & How Much It Costs

Commemorative Integrity Statements (C.I.S.)

A good C.I.S. is like a driver’s manual and a master-planned budget all rolled into one. Its aim is to show you how to successfully operate your heritage resource for the next quarter century (or so) while being cognizant of longer-term goals and historical perspective. These documents can (and mostly should) involve a number of disciplines from landscape architects to quantity surveyors and various engineering disciplines.

Parks Canada has a six part format which has been renovated (shortened) for more comfortable digestion.

1. Introduction
2. Designation and the context in which designation occurred.
3. Direct resources bearing on the cultural heritage value of the site.
4. Interpretation/clarification of character-defining elements of the resource with background.
5. Indirect resources bearing on the cultural heritage value of the site.
6. Appendices.

All of the above begins with a Statement of Commemorative Integrity which answers the not so simple question, why was this place designated?

Costs begin in the tens of thousands of dollars and are highly dependent on the scale of the heritage resource and the state of the documentation and maintenance plan at the time the C.I.S. is undertaken.