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Heritage Consultant | Ontario, Canada | Adaptive Re-Use Projects

What I Do & How Much It Costs

Adaptive Re-Use Projects

Taking an old set of spaces and giving them new purpose. The best insurance a building can have against ruin and entropy is occupation. Used buildings tend to be healthiest. So when an old distillery or an old factory or an old school no longer works in its present location, we try to find profitable new uses so the building can stand.

Not only is this good for heritage – in the broadest possible sense – it’s great conservation practice. Buildings embody more invested energy than anything out there. To bring in a backhoe and knock them down is a catastrophic waste of embodied energy and human resourcefulness. An adaptive re-use is good for the economy, the environment, the future, and the soul.

Pricing this generically is impossible – it tends to be project based work divided into the classic architectural divisions that run something like this:

1. Heritage Research & Evaluation
2. Site Assessment & Measured Drawings
3. Schematic Design/Feasibility Assessment
4. Design Development
5. Contract Documents
6. Tendering
7. Contract Administration

Priced building by building.

(Please click on any image below for project-specific details.)