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Heritage Consultant | Ontario, Canada | Design

What I Do & How Much It Costs


Although I have experience (and a deep love of) designing libraries, schools and a few other institutional building types, my most transmissible experience is of housing and history. I read sites. I interpret patterns. I try to incorporate what I learn and feel into my design work. The work is time-consuming, intense, individual, and personal to my clients and me. I’m not the budget guy trying to do cheap housing fast. I’m the guy trying to give you what best fits our time, your place, and your requirements, as I understand them.

At a more macroscopic scale, I’m often asked to comment on how to best integrate new development work into an historical or heritage context. This is best done as early as possible in the design and approvals process, as less money is wasted on fruitless tangents or approaches.

Per diem work: Design time, meetings, site visits etc. $150.00 per hour
Drafting, writing $90.00 per hour

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