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Heritage Consultant | Ontario, Canada | Statements of Significance

What I Do & How Much It Costs

Statements of Significance

A Statement of Significance is a full description of a heritage resource and a well detailed answer to the question, Why was this resource designated? A Statement of Significance should include a thorough list of character-defining attributes and values i.e., those parts of the building(s) and site that make the place unique or worthy of serious conservation.

If done properly, heritage planning staff will be able to pull this document up when alterations of any sort are planned. Once the SOS is reviewed, the planner can determine whether any of the character-defining elements are threatened and if so, how? From there, further expertise can be sought or remedial measures listed.

For relatively simple, single-building properties fees begin at $1,200 and rise based on complexity or density of available information.

Per diem work:
Design time, meetings, site visits etc. $150.00 per hour
Drafting, writing $90.00 per hour

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