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Heritage Consultant | Ontario, Canada | Register Appeals/Interim Heritage Evaluations

What I Do & How Much It Costs

Register Appeals/Interim Heritage Evaluations

When the Ontario Heritage Act was re-written ca. 2005, many municipalities had “Inventory” lists of properties that were of cultural heritage value or interest but weren’t yet designated under either Part IV (individual) or Part V (districts) of the Ontario Heritage Act. Municipalities were (or still are) then faced with a decision: Do we migrate the entire Inventory to the new Register of Properties of Cultural Heritage Value or Interest or do we begin from scratch with the Register?

Where municipalities have moved properties onto the Register through council, residents have begun appealing this initiative. Faced with the prospect of leaving old or valued properties with no protection against immediate demolition, planning staff have approached me about doing background research to provide interim evaluations of such properties strictly in reference to Ontario Regulation 9/06, Criteria For Determining Cultural Heritage Value Or Interest.

The work involves developing a standard format that provides terms of reference, a concise recommendation, and the contextual, historical/associative, and design/physical reasons underlying the recommendations. In the simplest terms, should the property be afforded the Province’s minimal standard of protection or should it not?

Fees: $1,200 – $1,800 per single building property when a group is being reviewed. (It often suits the municipality to have the work done per diem to an upset budget limit.)