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Heritage Consultant | Ontario, Canada | Measured Drawings

What I Do & How Much It Costs

Measured Drawings

As with most artefacts there are measured drawings and there are Measured Drawings. I do the latter. Mostly as adjuncts of the real estate industry there are now firms who will “measure” a building and provide plans of it within a day or two. This is not what I do.

In the world of architecture, measured drawings have traditionally been prepared when changes are proposed to an existing building. In order for all those involved in design and construction to understand the starting point (what we’ve got) clear, accurate, scaled drawings of site plan, floor plans, building sections, and building elevations should be prepared. These take weeks, not hours, to complete.

As Measured Drawings apply to heritage, there is sensitivity required to what are known as character-defining elements. Character-defining elements give a building its character and personality. Depending on the reason for the Measured Drawings, this may be a final opportunity to measure, photograph, and draw built details that will soon be lost to posterity.

Measured Drawings, as a generic entity, are impossible to price because it depends on the scale and complexity of the site/building to be measured and drawn. As a useful example a 5,000 square foot, two-and-one-half storey stone and brick Rosedale house could be measured and drawn for about $10,000. A lovely example follows from my time at ERA Architects.

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