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Heritage Consultant | Ontario, Canada | House at Plains Road West

House at Plains Road West, Aldershot, Burlington

Dan Chalykoff Heritage Consultancy Project

Involvement in this project began with the developer bringing forth a Heritage Impact Assessment that seriously undervalued the heritage resources on this site: some outbuildings associated with light manufacturing, two houses, and a rural sensibility written into the landscape. The developer, more or less with the support of his heritage consultant, wanted to tear everything off the site and build “new.” Like the 150 years he was staring at hadn’t unfolded.

Burlington has some excellent planners, particularly those concerned with heritage. Together we convinced the developer to leave and conserve the two houses as foci of his “new” development. The two extant houses are lovely; their integration with the new work is so-so. Nonetheless, heritage was served and present and future generations have physical suburban landmarks indicating what came first and how the site evolved.