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Heritage Consultant | Ontario, Canada | 174 King Street East

174 King Street East, Cooksville, Mississauga

Dan Chalykoff Heritage Consultancy Project

Probable 1830’s house with barn, yards, mature trees (All demolished: Barn 2005, Trees 2008, House 2009)

I was hired by the Legal Department of the City of Mississauga to prepare a Heritage Evaluation Study and a Peer Review of an engineer’s heritage assessment. I then provided Expert Testimony at the Conservation Review Board. None of us understood why but there were some procedural irregularities over which we had no control. The Board ruled in favour of the appellant and the building was demolished. It was the last house standing on the south side of Dundas Street within walking distance of the now extinct village of Cooksville. All of the evidence we presented was from the sidewalk or through second hand images – we were never permitted by the owners to enter the property. No more barn, no more trees, no more house: no more Cooksville.