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Heritage Consultant | Ontario, Canada | What I Am Working On

What I Am Working On

Spring, 2013:


  • Finally…Spring!
  • Once again I’m practicing (fully accredited) design work. Over the past six months I’ve learned more about the Ontario Building Code than I ever guessed could be learned. After months of daily study and two gruelling exams, I’ve been issued a Building Code Identification Number (BCIN). As well, my design process is being seriously affected by new technology. Building Information Modelling (BIM, sorry for all the acronyms) is beneath a new generation of architectural software that is allowing conception, delivery, and long-term life-cycle management of buildings to be proposed, audited, and monitored from a single platform. On a more intimate scale, I began sketching on my daughter’s iPad and found the experience analogous to working in a fully prepped art studio where charcoal, oils, pastels, and watercolours are at hand and good to go. The speed and subtlety of the sketches are blowing me away. Brave New World and I’m IN!
  • Attended my first Society of Architectural Historians (U.S.A.) conference in Buffalo last week and experienced one of the richest weeks I’ve enjoyed in some time. Met scholars and practitioners from all over Europe and N. America. Fascinating papers delivered on subjects as diverse as Wal-Mart, Hawksmoor’s work at Oxford, and Buffalo’s new narrative for an architecturally rich future. Watch Buffalo—their ability to enthusiastically foster cooperation amongst the academic, municipal, financial, and development sectors is impressive. Where Toronto appears packed and prosperous, but with a grid-locked administration and public will, Buffalonians are singing harmoniously in a re-emerging and re-populating city. The contrast is stunning; spiritually, socially, and physically.
  • Public spirited involvement in Oakville’s Gairloch Gardens continues with interest from people far and near. While the gallery may be clearing out of the Gardens, new ideas are pouring in and will hopefully result in a new long-term vision for that near sacred space. More here on that issue, fyi: Enjoy!